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Ocala, Florida Compassionate Guardianship Attorneys Guide You Through the Process

You work hard for your family, so knowing that you have planned for their long-term well-being and financial security brings you comfort. Planning for the care of loved ones after your death is vital, especially if you have minor children or a disabled family member.

Caring for an incapacitated adult

At Colleen M. Duris, P.A., we can help you arrange for the care of an elderly parent or disabled adult child. A properly appointed guardian can make a significant difference in the overall well-being of a person who has become incapacitated. You can name the guardian or the court may appoint a guardian to manage the personal and financial affairs of a person who cannot manage for himself or herself due to incapacity. The duties, rights and responsibilities a guardian vary depending on the particular situation. A guardian’s powers are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the incapacitated person. A guardian with full authority may be responsible for making all legal, financial and health care-related decisions for the incapacitated person.

Answering important guardianship questions

Colleen M. Duris, P.A. answers all your questions on guardianship, including:

  • How do I begin the process to appoint a guardian?
  • What types of guardianships are there?
  • When is a guardianship warranted?
  • How long does it take a court to grant guardianship?
  • What does the guardian have to do?
  • Who can be a guardian for an adult?
  • How long does a guardianship last?
  • What is limited guardianship?
  • Can guardians be removed or have their guardianships modified?
  • What is the court’s role in a guardianship?

Ensuring the future with an experienced guardianship attorney

Not everyone hires an attorney to ensure a child’s or incapacitated adults’ future, but sometimes it’s the safest and smartest thing to do. Guardianship law is complex and changes frequently. Courts are no longer giving appointed guardians free rein, but are doing more to supervise them. In most states, the person who wishes to become a guardian must file a petition asking the family court or probate court for guardianship rights. We can effectively manage any guardianship issues or concerns you might have before things get complicated, and can clearly resolve any murky or confusing legal matters.

Importance of a will

Naming a guardian in your will is especially important. If you do not name a guardian, the court will appoint a guardian for your children or incapacitated loved one, and might decide on someone who would be unacceptable to you. You can make your own parenting decisions by drafting a will and updating your will should your designated guardian die or become incapacitated.

The Ocala, Florida’s guardianship lawyers you can trust

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